Comedy Shows in San Diego

It’s been a while since I posted here. I get busy and actually forget that my multiple blogs are floating around in internet space. Ah procrastination and memory issues. I could blame it on my ADD, post traumatic stress disorder or the fact that I spend a lot of time with people with dementia. Or I could just come clean and say… “Oops. I did it again!” Thanks Brittney Spears. I’ll steal that line from you. I am recommitting to more frequent blog posts. Hold me to it! Someone? Anyone? Buheler?

Me on stage at Sunday’s show.

I actually had a show on Sunday night at The Comedy Palace in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego. It was another successful show put on by local comedian/producer/promoter, Pman. He’s a talented comedian and good guy. Very funny and generous with fellow comedians. The show was amazing! One of the best. High energy comedians and a crowd that was with us every step of the way. I had a good set. I threw in some new material towards the end. Most did okay, but one joke got complete silent treatment! It’s so weird when that happens Laughs, laughs, laughs then… crickets. I think the joke has potential if I find a way to lighten it up and make it funnier. It is really dark. Too dark so that I don’t think people know it is okay to laugh at it. It’s personal and painful material. In my head it was funny. Out my mouth to the very lighthearted audience that just wanted to have a good time, it was way too much! Lesson learned.

Learning as a comedian is an interesting journey. And although we can compare notes and may have similar experiences, it is different for each individual performer. Like everything in life, there is more than one way to do it. I think that is an important thing for everyone to note about life. Don’t limit yourself! Listen to feedback, learn from others, but most importantly, learn from yourself and your own experiences. Then… within the confines of realism only, do it your way! Thanks to a combination of stylin’ Frank Sinatra and fast food mogul Burger King for that one!

After taking June off, I only performed twice in July. I still have a lot of commitments that interfere with me jumping in with both feet again. In the next few months though I think things will settle down and I will be able to do more shows. If you want to get on my email mailing list and stay up on all things comedy a la Sindi, send me your first and last name and email address. Here’s where to send it…. Why Wild and Tame you might ask? Wild and Tame Comedy are the comedy shows I produce. Wild and Tame Music are the music shows I produce. Wild and Tame Wellness and Communications is my business helping people and animals.

Thanks for reading and have a great day comedy lovers in and out of San Diego County!!! – Sindi


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