4.19.2012 – Komedy Ketchup

Me onstage at The Comedy Palace, April 14th!

Haven’t posted for a while, so we’ll play Komedy Ketchup. The show on April 4th with headliner, Rosie Tran was great! She’s very funny. The night was also an important learning experience. Not only as a comedian, but also as a host and businesswoman. I see every experience as a learning opportunity. Watching and listening to others is a great way to learn, as is, of course performing myself.

On Saturday, April 14 I did my first double header. At least my first one on stage! That may have been inappropriate. Sorry. Both shows were a blast! I was actually really wiped out during the day and questioned whether I could pull it off. I started to get my energy back as soon as I was on my way to my first gig. Comedy is rejuvenating! At 5:00 pm I performed on comedian, Pman’s show at The Comedy Palace. Pman is a supportive producer and host. He puts on a great show! I saw several comedians that I had never seen perform before, including the very funny Bombo Belford. I also saw one comedian that I hadn’t seen for a while, Dave Wright and he was on fire! Following this show I had a few hours before I needed to be in downtown San Diego at the Mad House Comedy Club.

The LA based producer of the Mad House show, Mike Mitchell had asked me to host that night, as I had on his April 4th show. He produces a lot of shows. That night he had two in LA, so he couldn’t actually be at the show in San Diego. Because of this, he had me run it, as I also had done on the 4th. It reminded me of when I was producing and hosting my Wild and Tame Comedy & Music shows. It was another fun time and another business learning experience. The first show of the night had gotten me high. The comedic high continued through the second show and into the next day. Laughing and the energy of comedy is so transforming. Uplifting and energizing!!!

A comedian dropped out of Mike’s show at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, Tuesday, April 17. Mike asked if I could replace them. He offered me a guest spot, which I happily accepted. It was an okay set, but I felt a little off. Mainly because I wasn’t sure what material I wanted to do. I was not fully committed.

I am actually going through another period of evaluating my material. Examining what I want to present and how I want to present it. One of the things I love about performing stand-up is what an amazing personal growth experience it is. Love it!!!

I’m excited about my upcoming shows. I will be performing on Yuri Bohlen’s show on Wednesday, April 25 at Jimmy Z’s/Poway Fun Bowl. It’s actually a combo of an open mic and booked show. Yuri is a really nice guy. He provides an opportunity for whoever wants to perform. It’s a fun time. Then on Wednesday, May 2 I will be at The Comedy Palace on an all women show. Wednesday, May 16 I will be back at the Mad House downtown. I’m heading up to LA on Thursday, May 31 to perform at the Beauty Bar in West Hollywood.

If you want to get social with me, you can follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook. I also send out an email newsletter announcing upcoming shows. Want to get on my email mailing list? All I need is your email address! Email me at wildandtame@gmail.com and let me know you want to be added to my comedy newsletter. I also send one out related to my work with animals, so please specify COMEDY or ANIMALS or both. Thanks y’all!!! Hope to see you at a show soon!!!


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