3.26.2012 – Rosie Tran at The Mad House Comedy Club April 4th!

Wednesday, April 4 I will be hosting The Comedy Explosion at The Mad House Comedy Club in downtown San Diego. I was already excited, but am now even moreso since learning about the amazing line-up of talent I will be introducing. I knew there would be a number of talented local comedians on the bill, including energetic funny man Carlos Kramer. who you may have seen him on the show American Chopper. Come to find out… not only do we have Carlos, but the show’s headliner is ROSIE TRAN!!! Visit her website at www.rosietran.com.

I first learned of Rosie Tran last year when I performed on Rick Rome and Just Mikey’s show at Liam’s Irish Pub in Colton, CA. Side note… Rick Rome is an awesome producer and great to work with, as is Just Mikey. If you’re in the area check out their Liam’s show! It’s every Tuesday night and a really fun, no cover, no drink minimum show.  They produce other shows in that area also, including shows at The Green Frog in Highland, CA. Anyway… ADD sidetrack… Rosie did a set one night when I was at Liam’s. I was like, “who is the funny woman?!” I was thoroughly enjoying her set when another comedian asked to talk with me. I didn’t want to be rude to the comedian wanting my attention or the comedian on stage. I don’t like walking out during another comedians set and I especially didn’t want to walk out on this one, because she was awesome! Turns out the guy who pulled me away wanted to make a connection with me in hopes of getting a gig in San Diego. Totally cool and understandable. Seemed like a good guy and we had an interesting conversation, but I was distracted because I wanted to get back to my seat by the stage. I was able to return and enjoy the rest of Rosie’s highly animated and entertaining set.

After Googling Rosie Tran, I learned that she had quite a resume! She is a LA entertainer that had performed for the troops and had appeared on TV, among other successes. So… I am excited to be able to watch her headlining set in its entirety on Wednesday, April 4. I hope you’ll join me!

Contact me for advance $10 tickets. Call or text 619-384-0761 or email sindisomers@gmail.com. 21+ w/ID – they card everyone, so bring it babies!!!

No food or drink minimum, EVER! Delicious food and full bar available.

The Mad House Comedy Club, Top Floor of Horton Plaza, Downtown San Diego


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